Want to Prevent Hair Fall Due to Dandruff?

Want to Prevent Hair Fall Due to Dandruff? If there is a problem of hair fall, then many people are destroyed. There may be hair loss due to vitamin deficiency due to complex health problems. Another reason for hair loss is dandruff. How does the hair fall due to dandruff and the way to prevent this hair fall – so today we will know.
Want to prevent hair fall due to dandruff?

❏ Excessive scratching and combing –
Dandruff is not directly responsible for hair fall. Due to dandruff, itching is very strong. Due to the frequent wrinkle of the hair for itching, it becomes dry and the excess friction starts weakening hair and the hair begins to fall. Help reduce the dryness of the palm of the head, prevent olive oil and itching.

❏ Dermatitis –
Dermatitis may be due to the use of soap, detergent, or chemical in the palm of the head. Dermatitis can also cause dandruff and hair loss problems. To solve this problem, a dermatologist needs to be discharged.

❏ Slipping of skin cells –
Due to dandruff, the palm cells of the head fall in greater quantity. Which affects hair growth and hair growth. You may be using antidiDrif shampoo to remove dandruff. But perhaps you’re going to skip the important step of exposing the palm of the head. To stop hair fall and keep the hair healthy, you need to use the Exfoliation Skalp Mask.

❏ Oatmeal Hairpac –
Oatmeal’s hair pack helps prevent dandruff and prevent hair loss. What you need to do to make oatmeal hair packs and planting ways:

➨ 4 tablespoons oatmeal with two tablespoons of milk and two tablespoons of oil mixed with paste.

➨ Unfreeze your hair and apply the oatmeal pack to the palm of the head and the hair. Put 15-20 minutes to wash hair with Kusum hot water.

➨ Use this pack for 1 day a week. The oatmeal pack will help to produce too much oil and to get rid of dandruff.