Milonchori – Bandarban (মিলনছড়ি) বান্দরবানে – Travel Good for Health

Milonchori – Bandarban (মিলনছড়ি) বান্দরবানে – Travel Good for Health. Bandarban is the favorite name for leisure, pleasure travel and adventure favorites. Tourist city Bandarban district has 11 small ethnic groups. There are a great variety of food from behavior, culture and festivities. The diversity of this district is limited to the people living here, so every place in Bandarban district is very diverse and interesting. Nature has created Bandarban (বান্দরবানে) in the mind of fresh. So, if you want to touch the green gourds, green hues and clouds, then let’s go to the hill girl Bandarban.

Milonchori - Bandarban (মিলনছড়ি) বান্দরবানে - Travel Good for Health

The hill girl is about 3 km from Bandarban City: Milonchori – মিলনছড়ি, on the way to the southern part of the ridge or Chimbuk. On the top of the hill, standing beside it, on the east side of the Nayavram green game, again green nature breaks the spiral of the spiral speed, the river Sangu is a beautiful beauty. This is a rare painting painted on canvas of nature.

How to go –

There is no need to go here separately for মিলনছড়ি. Because, on the way to Shail Prayat, Nilgiri or Chimbuk, you can stop the car on the road and travel to মিলনছড়ি.