How To Straighten Wavy Hair

One sure-fire way to get sleek, healthy-looking hair is to straighten it. Straight hair reflects the light better giving it a shiny look that can’t be achieved with curly or wavy hair. Straightening your hair is relatively easy but you risk damaging your hair if you don’t do it correctly. Using the right products helps prevent any damage as does careful use of your straightening iron.

For the best results, we recommend washing your hair with organic shampoo. The reason to go organic is that its organic shampoo contains natural ingredients that are gentle on the hair and won’t weigh it down. It’s not essential to use an organic product but it’s a good idea to avoid using a lot of chemicals on your skin whenever possible. After shampooing you can either use a rinse-out conditioner or a leave-in conditioner designed to protect your hair from heat. A leave-in heat protecting conditioner is usually the best option if you plan on straightening your hair on a regular basis. If you don’t use a heat protector before using a straightening iron, your hair will become split and dry on the ends resulting in unhealthy looking hair.

To apply a heat protecting conditioner, squirt out a small dollop in the palm of your hand and then apply it liberally to the ends of your hair before combing it through. You can then safely blow dry your hair which activates the heat protector. Try to blow dry your hair as straight as possible to make straightening easier. Never use a straightening iron directly on wet hair and this can seriously damage your hair. There are wet-to-dry straightening irons available which claim to work on wet hair but we don’t recommend this type of straightening iron.

Once you have blow-dried your hair as straight as possible it’s time to get to work on making your hair dead straight. To get a really straight look, straighten one section of hair at a time. Starting at the back, clip most of your hair on top of your head, leaving a small section of hair to straighten. Brush the section of hair and follow along with your straightening iron. Don’t go over the same section of hair more than twice in the one session or you risk damaging your hair. Once you have straightened all the hair in the one area, section off another area and repeat using the same process. This can take a while if you want perfect hair but you can do it quickly if you don’t mind having a few waves here and there.

Work your way from the back of the head towards the front leaving the fringe to last. A great way to straighten your fringe is to brush the hair forward, even if you part your hair to the side, and straighten the hair directly in front of your face. This keeps your fringe straight, without any kinks, and will complete your dead straight hair look. To ensure your hair is as shiny as possible, finish with a little gloss spray although most people will find this final step to be unnecessary.