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Site Engineer Job in Dubai

Site Engineer Job in Dubai
Site Engineer Job in Dubai

Responsibilities of Site Engineer Job in Dubai to answering to the Senior Project Manager, the Site Engineer should be in charge of overseeing talented and incompetent staff working at assigned undertaking destinations, practicing stringent quality certification and guaranteeing opportune achievement of all breakthroughs and deliverable.

Key Responsibilities of Site Engineer Job in Dubai

  1. Directly manage execution of every single common work at site, giving designing and specialized backing, as vital.
  2. Interpret development drawings and study contract archives and pertinent benchmarks or particulars, before the execution of any employments.
  3. Review exchange development strategies and the best choice in meeting with the Senior Project Manager, preceding beginning execution at site.
  4. Plan and appoint assets, for example, labor, materials, consumables, hardware, devices, and so forth. Required for the task in conference with the Senior Project Manager.
  5. Plan and facilitate work execution with electrical and mechanical gatherings.
  6. Monitor survey and investigate genuine physical work nearby.
  7. Ensure that works are executed as per affirmed development drawings, contract reports, venture determinations and relevant models.
  8. Coordinate with Client and/or Consultants for site directions and investigation of works.
  9. Assign every day targets and guarantee these are met by every single common gathering at site.
  10. Submit every day site reports, investigation solicitations, gauges and all pertinent observing reports, all the time and/or required recurrence.
  11. Ensures that all site works are executed in consistence with material quality guidelines.
  12. Assure security of all ensuring so as to undertake work force that the task execution is done in consistence with pertinent well-being, security, sterile and natural models, and so forth.

Capabilities, Experience and Competencies for Site Engineer Job in Dubai


Candidates must be thoughtful or mechanical specialists from a rumored University/Institution.
Experience for Site Engineer Job in Dubai.

  1. 5 to 7 years’ experience of development undertakings with some presentation to venture administration.
  2. The perfect candidate should be under 32 years of age.
  3. Prior involvement in the UAE, and additionally a substantial driving permit, might be favorable position.
  4. Demonstrated experience of executing undertakings, covering angles, for example, arranging and asset administration covering materials, labor and so on.
  5. Abilities and Attributes for the Site Engineer Job in Dubai
  6. Experience of executing nearby activities, covering the full development cycle.
  7. Ability to meet due dates and precisely take care of points of interest in high weight circumstances.
  8. Excellent arranging, time administration, choice making and association abilities.
  9. Self-inspired cooperative person, with the longing and capacity to learn quickly.
  10. Ability to work autonomously and finish on directions and choices, with insignificant supervision.
  11. Well-versed with famous programming utilized for site arranging and execution.
  12. Proficient in AUTO-CAD
  13. Proficient in MS-Office applications (viz. Exceed expectations; Word and PowerPoint).
  14. Strong explanatory and arranging abilities.
  15. Excellent relational abilities in English and Hindi are vital. Information of Arabic should be leeway.

Other than the special requirements needed for submission, all other factors remain constant for entry into Dubai.

Visa applications as well are at full reception as from Sunday all the way to Thursday with exceptions of Friday and Saturday, which are considered public holidays.

  • Expect to receive it in a maximum of 5 working days.
  • Payable fees for processing of visa are non-refundable, whether or not the visa successfully comes through. In the case of visa rejection, clear reasons shall be stated to effect.
  • Documents to be specially handed in are such as your CV, cover letter and of course your portfolio demonstrating your previous works in the field.
  • Requirements for Site Engineer Job in Dubai
  • Crucial document to hand in as well is your bachelor’s degree in civil Engineering.

Among the benefits of working in Dubai are the likes of enjoying such technological advancements that have only been imagined in most parts of the world. Let’s not leave out the fact that all your income will be tax free, interactions with multiple cultures, ease in communication as most frequently used language other than Arabic is English.

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