How to Get Canada Work Visa Sponsorship

Canada Work Visa Sponsorship

Canada Work Visa Sponsorship
Canada Work Visa Sponsorship

In the current world that we are living in the world has become like one community. As a result work can be available at any country at any time. In order for you to work you require two necessary documents namely the visa and the work permit. Without these chances for you to secure a job are minimal or generally not there.

Taking into consideration that Canada is a country with rising economy but the population cannot support the job market fully, there is need for immigrants in Canada. As an immigrant going to work in Canada, you require to apply for a visa to stay in the country. This Canada work visa will aid you as you work in the country. Knowing the right visa to apply for is very important. There is a department that is responsible for giving out visas known as the Citizenship and immigration Canada. This organization in responsible for Canadian work visa sponsorship. Putting this into consideration you have to know the right documents and qualifications that you require to qualify for the different visas present depending on your stay in the country.

Canada Work Visa Sponsorship categories
Canada Work Visa Sponsorship categories

Canada Work Visa Sponsorship categories

  • The different classifications of Visas in Canada include:
  • Temporary employer sponsored visa
  • Provincial nominee program
  • International experience Canada program
  • Canadian experience program

The above require different qualifications and are described below:

Temporary employer Canada Work Visa Sponsorship

This visa is used by companies or factories to fill some positions once they cannot find the person with the qualifications required in the local market. In order for you to gain access to this visa you need to secure a job with the local market. After qualifying for this visa, you do not need to gain validation from the Human resource centre in Canada. To gain access to this visa your employer will have to prove that the position in mind does not have any person that is local to fill it. This is done by acquiring a Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). On top of this, you have to have the right qualifications and skills matching the job. On top of this, you must have the knowledge to read and write fluently in English. This visa normally has a time limit of between 2 to 4 years.

International experience Canada program

This majorly applies for the British or Irish citizens. It comes as a result of an agreement between the two governments. If you are a citizen of either Britain or Ireland and you have an age of between 18 to 30 years for Britain and less than 35 years for Ireland you are viable for this visa. For Britain you have to have shown habitual residency in the United Kingdom. In the case of Ireland this is not necessary. For Britain you will be given a maximum of 12 months visa while for Ireland, you will be given a maximum of 24 months visa.

Provincial nominee program

This program is put in place to help the different territories in Canada to raise the economy of the country. The specific people that are employed must have the necessary education qualifications, skills and experience. These will be directed to making improvements to the province. Once nominated for this visa, you can apply for your own visa and as such become a local citizen. Each province has its own criteria to choose the employees.

Canadian experience program

For this program, the people who qualify are those that have recently worked in Canada or have graduated from any university in Canada and had worked in the country.

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