How Much Shampoo Should I Use

How do you know how hair should shampoo? The first step in hairstyle is shampoo. Shampoo cleans the hair, dust, and sand. Many people think shampoo, oil is daily work. What additional care is needed for these tasks? Such a concept is wrong. A small mistake in hair care can damage the hair many times. The question of almost all women, how many times the hair should shampoo. Today’s feature about how long hair will shampoo.
How Much Shampoo Should I Use

❏ Dry hair –If you are dry hair, then avoid refreshing hair shampoo every day. Dry hair should be shampoo twice a week. And do not forget to use a conditioner after shampoo.
❏ Silky Hair –Studies have shown that oily hair absorbs more oil compared to other hair. For this reason, it is necessary to shampoo hair. Hair shampoo should be done two to three times a week. If you have to go outside the house every day, then shampoo needs to be done every day.
❏ Medium, thick hair –Medium hair shampoo needs to be done two to three times a week. It does not absorb oil like oily hair. But hair shampoo needs to be shampooed twice a week to clean the oil.
❏ Heavy Hair –Heavy hair does not require shampoo every day. Shampoo needs to be done one day a week for heavy hair. However, if you go out of the house more shampoo is needed.
❏ Keep a few things in terms of shampoo –

● The same shampoo should not be used too long.
● Wash hair thoroughly before shampoo hair.
● Shampoo should be preferred according to hair type.
● Refrain from the excess rub on hair while shampooing.
● Use hot water to clean hair.