Hair Wash – This Is How It Should Be Done

Hair is the appearance holder of your body, if shiny, lengthy and healthy then would give a look like Rapunzel while ugly, dirty and brittle hair might look like a witch or ghost. It depends how you like it to be. Proper hair wash can provide a cleanliness to scalp and hairs and you might get a perfect set of hair, everyone fantasized about.

Hair Wash - This Is How It Should Be Done

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People often get confused in applying the right way of washing hair because washing hairs to often might result in dry and ugly hair also breakage. While applying products on frequent basis provides needed nourishment. Doing so promotes healthy and thicker hair growth.

It’s important to use right techniques, can make a world of difference in your hair health, shine and bounce. Yes…! Finding & Applying can be troublesome. No need to worry, what we are here for..! We will share with you what are the right techniques and methods to wash hair, how frequent it should be washed and in what sequence hair products should be used.

Let’s Start…!

First, Go For Rinsing –

Just like your laundry requires rinse before cycling it with detergent, hair should be all wet before you apply shampoo. You can use hot water(not too hot) as it can remove any dirt or other things stuck in hair. One more benefit is hot water can loosen the oils through the scalp and open the cuticle so it is able to absorb the oil.

In Case Of Long Hair, Condition First –

In real it is….! People who have hair below shoulders, protect fragile ends from drying and breakage. Just apply a bit conditioner through hair and rinse before using any shampooing. It will keep your hair ends healthy and fill cuticle with moisture. You will get shinier and smoother hair following the process.

Use Soft Hands –

Use gentle hands when you rinse hair as too much friction can damage hair’s cuticle leading to breakage. Wash hair just like you rub skin in the bathtub, very carefully. Apply lather at the roots. In result blood flow increases at scalp area which stimulates healthy hair growth.
Use vertical strokes and medium pressure, using circular motion can tangle your hair.

Rinsing Twice Is A Big No –

Multiple hair shampoo brands on their bottles can instruct you to wash hair twice, avoid them. Washing hair once by shampoo is enough, more can strip the hairs. In case if your hairs are too dirty, you can wash hairs twice.

Add Conditioner from the Mid-Lengths to the Tips –

First, apply shampoo on hair, wash it and then squeeze some of the water before you apply conditioner. At last clip your hair and finish showering, conditioner rinse should be the final step of your shower.

The longer conditioner will stay in your hair, the better it will absorb. Prevent conditioner reaching from the scalp as natural hair oils are concerned there.

Lastly, Cold Water Rinse –

Cold water will shut the cuticle tight and seal it shingle-like outer layer, which will cause it to be most shiny and bright.

These are the techniques used to wash hair and achieve a healthy and thicker hair growth. By following you can prevent unnecessary hair fall. Still, there are certain health conditions and lifestyle habits which may cause hair fall, temporary or permanent. If you are facing excess hair fall then take a consultation and take a proper hair loss treatment to prevent any further extreme hair issue.

This post consists of hair washing techniques and methods. Mainly focuses on how often hairs should be washed, how to apply hair products in a right way to promote healthy hair growth and why it’s important to use these techniques to prevent hair fall.