Dublar Char – (দুবলার চর – সুন্দরবন) – Travel for Health – Beauty of Nature

Dublar Char – (দুবলার চর – সুন্দরবন) – Travel for Health – Beauty of Nature. Sundarbans is the world’s largest ‘mangrove’. Sunrise and sunset scenes in the sea by the forest of Sundarbans. Which makes the mind of someone else look beautiful. The beautiful beauty of this beautiful Sundarbans is named after a place called Dublar Char. Hundreds of hundreds of chitras in the forest surrounded by this shore are roaming freely and other waves of sea waves, which make the tourists enchant and humiliate.

Dublar Char - (দুবলার চর – সুন্দরবন) - Travel for Health - Beauty of Nature

Durbar Char, under the administrative control of the Sharankhola Range of Sundarban East Forest, in Sharankhola upazila of Bagerhat district. Its location is located 120km from the Mongla sea port, on the south side of the Sundarbans and on the south-west of Cuttack and on the southeast of Hiron Point, also known as Char. Dublar Char, located in the Sunderbans 45 and 8 number of compartments.

The total area of this char is made of 81 square miles, alor kol, kokilmani, haldikhali, kabarkhali, middlecliffe, office quill, nokelbaria, small ambaria, mehar ali chari and dhulal chari with Sherla Char.

The Sundarbans’ Durbarchar has gained fame for various reasons. In the beginning of the winter season, thousands of fishermen come to the crew and make temporary accommodation. Fishermen come back in the evening before the fishermen fishes in the sea. They dry out fish and they make dried fish. This scene is also very enjoyable.


The island is also famous for Rasmella and Purnasanan. Every year in the Kartik month (Christian November), the ‘Rasmella’ is held every year in the field of Dublar. The main festival of Rasmella Manipuri, also known as Raslila is the main aspect of Rasmalara in this region. Rakshatna of children in the traditional Manipuri costumes and Rashtriya of young women. Through the monopoly music and dance drama, Krishna-Aditya Radha-Gupi Abhisar-Raga Chatan was played.

Some people call Emela a Magha Mela again. According to Hindu mythology, Ras is related to Radha-Krishna’s union. Every year a year, Rash Purnima of English Kartik, English November, people of various Hindu communities came to the grave of Dhubala for the purpose of making a donation in Tithi. And this three-day Rasmella fair is held in November. In addition to the local people in boats, trawlers and launches from far and wide, many thousands of towns and even foreign tourists also participate in spontaneously.

Many foreign tourists also arrive in the fair for the three-day fair. According to the Hindu script, Rasmella is held in Dublarachar. Recall the names of the Creator and play dance, music and songs. In the morning everyone goes out in the sea bath. Rasmella is being held this way for hundreds of years.

How to go:

To go to Dobla Char, you will have to go from Dhaka to Bagerhat. Then from Bagerhat to go to Mongla port. Then you have to hire a trawler or launch from there. You go to Bagerhat directly by Dhaka by bus. Bangladeshi Travel and Good for Health. Buses from Dhaka to Bagerhat include – Meghna transportation, tourism transport which is left from Sayedabad bus terminal. Apart from Gabtali bus terminal in Dhaka, leaving the terminal – Sakura Transport, Sohag Transport.