Bad Diet – Some Diets That Will Never Work

Almost everyone at one point or another is somewhat obsessed about losing weight, although admittedly not everyone goes about it in the right way. Too many people wish to lose a few (or more) pounds but are not really keen about putting the work into doing just that. In fact, too many people wish to lose weight but continue to adopt the very lifestyle which caused the extra weight gain in the first place.

One of the most common attempts at weight loss includes the crash diet. There are many types of diets available, all which claim marked weight loss in as short a time as possible. But regardless of the type of diet that you indulge in, so long as it is not a long term one then your attempt at weight loss is almost surely guaranteed to fail. I say this in spite of the many people who continue to swear by these diets. While in fact, I do agree that you might lose a few pounds at the onset of such a diet, you must realize that such a diet is not a habit change, and sooner or later you will revert to your usual eating patterns which were responsible for your weight gain in the first place.

So by the mere fact that sooner or later your eating pattern will return to normal, I am indication that so to will your tendency be to put on the pounds once again. While losing weight is one accomplishment, we must all agree that the point is to keep it off once we have gotten that far.

But crash diets are not the only culprits that give rise to poor dieting habits. The use of miracle weight loss pills is yet another major downfall in many would-be respectable diets. Again I would reiterate that the most successful diet is the long term diet which not simply attempts to cut calories as fast as possible, but instead which serves to build lasting change in habits that would result in a healthier lifestyle in general. Small things such as cutting back on the soft drinks and the juices, as eating fresh fruit two out of the three times that you feel like snacking, and by taking a brisk but leisurely walk a few times for the week.

On the other hand, if you attempt to lose weight by doing all these things in fast forward, then you would only be doing yourself more harm. I say in fast forward because a crash diet is simply the shortened but extreme version of the healthy diet (and in fact, most crash diets are not healthy) while diet pills serve to eliminate completely the need for exercise – a fact which unabashedly appeals to the masses. These pills serve to increase one’s metabolism in the short term, but once off these pills, one’s metabolism goes back to normal while one continues to eat the same food and fall into the trap once again of not being able to burn the calories as fast as you eat them.