Anti Aging – Looking and Feeling Young

How to take years off your age?

One of the most fundamental and basic methods for taking the years off one’s age is to maintain a feeling of contentment within our own selves. We can do this by either emotional or physical methods, or even by a combination of both methods. Some of the more popular ways to accomplish the said include beauty treatments and cosmetic surgeries which may promise to take away the wrinkles and fat that come with age. Other more basic ways to secure a feeling of contentment with one’s own self, however, are discussed below. So read on to see how you too can look and feel young again without expensive or painful cosmetic treatments.

One of the easiest ways to feel good about ourselves is to lift our own spirits and self-esteem. We can do this by physical means of beautifying our bodies with manicures and pedicures and even hair and face treatments. These methods of beautifying oneself, however, are mainly the means of getting society to accept our looks before we can accept them ourselves.

Emotional and spiritual well being, on the other hand, lends its effects to maintaining a feeling of contentment with life that you would not be able to get from any other means, not even physical beauty. The person who is spiritually satisfied is one who is at peace with himself and herself, and thus the harmony within his or her own body maintains a stress-free environment and a carefree existence. This person is less burdened by life and with living and trying to fight the natural cause of nature, and therefore ages more naturally than most.

The person who ages with nature as opposed to against it ages gracefully and this in itself is a way of taking away the years from the face – the person who fights the aging process in effect harms his or her own body by stressing it out continually. Have you ever noticed in fact how young and youthful the woman who does yoga is? Or how springy an athlete’s step is? So long as the mind is at peace, then one’s attitude too would reflect this and thus one’s ‘aura’ would be youthful and vibrant and energetic.

Even such spur of the moment treatments such as spa treatments and acupressure treatments are good at rejuvenating one’s inner energy and releasing the inner peace within oneself. These are therefore good ways to feel good about oneself which would, in turn, bring out a youthful ‘aura’ about an individual which has the effect of taking years of the age (as opposed to stress which adds the age).

We can choose to feel good about ourselves through a number of different means, but whether we choose to accomplish this by physical or mental means is up to us. The outcome, however, remains the same regardless of the method used so long as it is used positively.