15+ Natural Remedies to save your Money

Every year millions of people spend millions of dollars on their health treatment. Unfortunately, they spend thousands of dollars on such health issues which can be easily cured at home by just following some home remedies. Most of the people are unaware that the treatment of their common disease is available in their kitchen. We felt a need to provide people with such home remedies which can save their thousands of dollars. Today we have brought you 15+ natural Remedies to save your money

These home remedies can be implemented by both men and women it is equally beneficial for both. These home remedies are very easy and easily available at your home no need to go outside.

Remedies to Save Your Money-

15+ Natural Remedies to save your Money


     1)  Soak whole fresh wheat kernels in a glass of water overnight put the water into a glass and drink with a tablespoon of honey this liquid is a great tonic and enhancer for our nervous system. The Chemicals contained in this remedy purify the digestive tract.

     2)  Another good solution of anemia is just taking out the juice from beet and carrot and gives it to the patient, this juice increases the blood production by the bone marrow and it can be taken several times daily. These juices are also known to have a significant impact on stimulating the flow of electrical energy through the system and in this way it serves to combat the weakness held due to Anaemia. These two vegetables should be made a compulsory dietary item of the anemic patient.


If a person is suffering from the weak heart they get tensed very soon they got panicked very soon. Today I am going to give you a very simple tip to strengthen the heart.

3) Give 50 gram of apple jam with silver leaves to the patient suffering from a weak heart for 30 days this remedy strengthen the heart.

4) Take 20 gram of raisins And The Pinch of saffron, soak the raisins and Saffron in a glass of water, keep it there for overnight, eat the raisins in the morning as a first food and drink the water, This is very helpful for conditioning of heart.


Nowadays every 3 out of 10 people are suffering from arthritis they have either mild Arthritis or chronic arthritis.

    5)  Swallow one and half medium sized garlic club with warm water before morning food, it provides heat and lubrication to the joint this should be practiced daily for at least two month.

    6) Buy pure fresh beeswax. and make it 40 capsules about the size of chickpeas take one each morning with warm milk for 40 days problem of Arthritis will be cured.

Back pain is nowadays a common problem; it has been observed that Women’s are more prone to get back pain then a male. I am providing some guidelines to those who are suffering from back pain if followed carefully it can reduce back pain to a great extent.

    7) Eat regular meals not more than twice daily, consider including milk and fruits in your diet. Avoid coffee and tea as much as you can.

    8) There is some food which creates a gas problem. the person who is suffering from back pain should always avoid such foods, the list of such foods includes curd, plantain, hydrogenated oil, peanut oil, heavy dishes, chilled food, canned food, lentils beans rice, eggplant, cauliflower etc.
    9) foods that are considered safe are fresh cow’s milk, squash, rock salt, Ginger, turmeric, bitter melon, cereals and light foods
This is also a very common problem. For the number of reasons you can suffer from the bad odor of mouth but definitely, there is nothing to worry about, because we have such remedies that can cure bad odor of mouth very easily,
      10)  Gargle with water in which peels of pomegranate have been boiled.
     11)  Squeeze half a lemon in 50 grams of rose water rinse the mouth with this mixture it cures wound of the gums, strengthens the Gum and removes the bad odor of the mouth.

12)  Boil well-powdered carrot seed in 500 grams of water, until half of the water remains to drink, add some sugar. This mixture should be used regularly for two to three days as it helps the flow of the menses and cleans the body.

A toothache is a very common disease which can be caused due to cavity problem or sensitivity problem patients having toothache are unable to eat anything which ultimately hampers their health because they are not able to chew or eat anything there are some home remedies which can cure a toothache efficiently.
13)  Take two grams of cloves and make it powder now squeeze half lemon on this powder. Rub this on aching tooth. Within a few minutes, you can notice the result.
     14)  Take 50 grams of the Pulp of zucchini mix it with fresh garlic paste now add 2 glass of water into it and boil it for few minutes until the half water gets evaporated, remove it from the burner. Start rinsing and gargling with this water (let’s water be lukewarm). Use it for 30 days and all your problem of a toothache  will be cured.
Iff you have too much acidity or your Pitta is on the high side you may feel  vomiting several times, here I am mentioning few best tips, you can say natural tips to stop vomiting and calm down your pitta, 
15) In this remedy you have to take one gram of cumin seed which has to be mixed with one gram of green cardamom seed, now make them powder, add 50 grams of water and squeeze lemon, now give it to the patient every two hours it will solve their problem.
16) Take out the juice from raw Apple. Add A Pinch of rock salt and give it to the patient it is another wonderful yet simple tip to solve the vomiting problem.
17) Take out the juice of fresh Ginger almost 2 teaspoons add to a teaspoon of onion juice mix well and give it to the patient it will stop there vomiting.
18) Mix 2 teaspoon BASIL JUICE WITH BLACK PEPPER and give patient twice a day. It works well on calming down PITTA dosh.
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